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The roads are not what you are used to in so-called "developed countries", and many drivers are not very attentive so be really careful, attentive and drive defensively.

Driving on the National Road: The emergency lane is in fact used as a driving lane if you are being overtaken. If someone wants to overtake you, move into the emergency lane to give him or her space.
Beware of animals on the road, especially goats and sheep.

Rental prices will vary according to the type of vehicle, the duration of rental and the season. Compared to rental prices in other European countries, renting a car in Greece isn't very cheap but the strong competition is producing some excellent deals. We can arrange for a representative from the rental company to meet you at the airport and you can drop off your car at the airport upon departure.

We can assist you with the rental of a car during your stay in Crete; please contact us with your request and we will mail you the prices.