Gouverneto is a Greek Orthodox monastery located 19km east of Chania, on the north side of the Cape Akrotiri of Chania.

Dated to 1537 (although other sources say 1548), the monastery is a Venetian style fortress with towers at each end with some Baroque influences added later.

It is reputed to be one of the oldest monasteries in Crete. In 1637 the records shortly before the Turkish invasion, revealed that at the time there were 60 monks living in Gouverneto Monastery, also making it one of the largest in Crete at the time.

The courtyard is rectangular shaped and is dominated by a dome church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and has an ornate Venetian facade. The chapel in the courtyard is reported to have some of the oldest frescoes in Crete.

It is situated on a rocky site at an altitude of 260m, near the entrance of the gorge "Avlaki"
St. John the Hermit lived in a cave in the gorge "Avlaki", adjacent to the monastery, and is considered as the founder of the monastery.

You can walk in "Avlaki" gorge by following the stone paved trail that descends to the sea. After 20 minutes of descending you will meet the "Arkoudospilio" Cave, and after a while the ruined monastery Katholiko and the cavernous church of St. John, where the hermit lived.

After more 10 minutes, the gorge ends in a narrow rocky fjord with green waters.

The visitors should take the road from the city of Chania to the airport, following the signs for the monastery of Agia Triada and then continue for another 4 km to reach Gouverneto.