The two Kalamitsi villages are situated a few kilometers inland from Giorgioupolis on the Vamos road. A small community of about 350 permanent residents live in what I was told was a 'divided village' about 8 kilometers from Vamos and the health centre. The large village of Vrisses is also only 5 minutes away.

In reality there are two villages - Kalamitsi-Amigdali and Kalamitsi-Alexandrou. There are about 210 permanent residents in the Kalamitsi Amygdali and about 140 in Kalamitsis Alexandrou. In fact Kalamitsi Amygdali is in the municipality of Giorgioupolis whilst the adjacent Kalamitsi Alexandrou is in the municipality of Vamos.

Coming from Giorgioupolis, you enter Kalamitsi Amygdali first and on the left as you drive through you will see the tiny silk making co-operative which is run by the women of the village.

Kalamitsi Alexandrou, a little further down the road is another old and well-preserved village with narrow streets, the large, modern, cross-shaped and domed church of Agia Triada and impressively constructed underground reservoir "Softas" dating from the Turkish occupation.

Between the two villages are two tavernas a kafenion and a mini-market. The views from ‘both Kalamitsis' to the White Mountains beyond the green valley below are absolutely breathtaking. There is also a kafenion in the square at Kalamitsis Alexandrou.

Either of the Kalamitsis is ideal for someone wanting to become part of a traditional and peaceful community having easy access to nearby beaches at Giorgioupolis and the many tavernas at Vrisses and Vamos.

Kalamitsi Amygdali is the home of Phil and Francesca Harrison who, with a number of likeminded souls are founders of the Kalamitsi Arts Group. Their ‘raison d'être' is ‘the organization of creative events in Western Crete'. They succeed in their aim and the group is responsible for many good ‘happenings' in the area.

For their sins, they also help organize the annual Vamos Arts Week which is a weeklong series of events in the area to cater for all tastes - exhibitions, live music with guest artists and much more.