Kera is so small I can't find out how many people are actually permanent residents. To call it a Hamlet might be overstating the matter. It doesn't seem to be ‘recognized' as a separate entity in the last census. Not surprisingly then, most people will have driven through it without recognizing they were in Kera.

Kera is situated between Kalyves and Almyrida, virtually on the outskirts of Almyrida.. It straddles the road as you rise up the final climb in to Almyrida. As you start to climb the hill, on the right there are a few houses on the slopes above the road - including the Hellenic Homes development with palm trees.

You are now in Kera! There are individual homes behind and around this small development.

Across the road from this, the land slopes down to the sea and the older original dwellings in Kera. It would be difficult to find a house in Kera that didn't have splendid sea views across Souda bay.

As you proceed down the small road to the beach at Kera, you drive past some really nice older houses and occasional new ones. You can park near the beach. It's spectacular and very private. It seems to be little known (particularly by any tourists) and is usually almost empty. There are no kiosks/kafenions - or anything else. It's about the beautiful scenery, the sea and the peacefulness.

Kera is obviously very close to Almyrida and convenient for Kalyves. You can also drive very quickly through the vineyards and olive groves via the ‘back road' from Kera to Tsivaras and Vamos.