Agia Marina

Agia Marina is located 9 km west of the city center of Chania and is one of the most popular resorts in Chania, with numerous hotels and all types of touristic infrastructure one can ask for.

The village is named after the local church of Agia Marina celebrating on July 17.

The shore of Agia Marina is fantastic with lovely sandy beaches and it is one of the most well organized beaches of the Municipality of Chania as well as of the whole prefecture, providing lifeguard services and organized tourist facilities, comfort for swimmers and various water sports (windsurfing, water ski etc.).

The beach of Agia Marina is also ideal for families with children, since its shallow, warm water is considered to be absolutely safe.

Opposite the beach of Agia Marina lies the small rocky island of Theodorou, famous for its rich historical and legendary past. From as early as the Minoan times, the island served as a sacred asylum and holds tremendous ecologic significance as it is home to the endangered species of the Cretan mountain goat, kri-kri.

Approaching the island is prohibited. However, in recent years a limited number of excursions are offered to visitors by boat.

A short distance from the beach of Agia Marina, only 500 meters away, is the traditional village of Pano Agia Marina.
A stroll through the narrow streets will lead you to the old school, the village square, the church of "St. Spiridon", the Folklore museum, the Kamaraki and the narrow streets, remnants of times past.

It is a short 20 minute drive to Chania and a 35 minute drive to the airport.