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The village of Modi is situated in a lush landscape on the North West coast of Crete, just west of the tourist resort of Platanias and near the village of Gerani.

The distance to Chania is 15km or about 22 minutes drive, the airport is a 45 minutes drive from the village.

Modi is surrounded by green nature and olive groves, it is a fertile area and most villagers live of agriculture. Beside the olive trees and the vegetables, there is also a lot of wild grow like pine trees, plane trees, cypresses and eucalyptus trees. Fields of orange trees and vines alternate with unspoiled nature, a variety of plants and shrubs.

Ancient Cretan coins have been found in the region, with on one side Zeus the bearded and on the other side the head of a bull and the word MODAION. This lead the scientists to conclude that an ancient Cretan city preexisted in this location and was called Moda or Modaia, who later became Modi. The name could be derived from the Byzantine word "modius", which used to be the cup used to measure the cereals.

Modi is only 2km from Gerani with its' tavernas, cafes and mini-market. The larger resort area of Platanias is just 10 minutes away with a greater selection of supermarkets, bakeries, tavernas, cafes, shops, banks, post office and other essentials as well as its' popular, long, sandy beach.

The nearest beach is 2.5km away with many more within a 15-minute drive.