The small beachside village of Nopigia is located just 5km from the famous lively town of Kissamos on the north coast of Western Crete. It is one of the oldest villages in the area and used to be a centre for wine distribution. Now it is surrounded by farmland.

Positioned at the foot of Rodopos Peninsular, the small village has a number of traditional tavernas, a camping site and a beach which spreads until Gramvousa Peninsular. The tavernas and bars are open only during the summer months and shut down for the winter.

The beach is mostly sandy with clear and shallow water. Nopigia village is located nearby, thus you will find all the necessary facilities there, such as parasols, showers, restaurants and accommodation in a tranquil environment.
If you walk to the east, the beach becomes rockier and more secluded. There are several pebbly and rocky coves to the east. After 2km you meet the church of Panagia and the lovely remote beaches of Choni. It is nice to make the trip along the rocky coastline on foot. You will pass a nice little taverna, the "Taverna Café Porto Alegre" where you can have a drink or a nice meal. Further to the east the path takes you along a hollow olive tree (up on a hill), a small chapel and plenty of goats, small pebbled beaches and rocks from where you can enjoy the scenery.

An area mostly known to Greeks, there are very few umbrellas and chairs as the beach becomes rockier further to the East.

There is a Roman settlement and a Byzantine church with frescoes nearby and possible to visit.

Chania city center is 31km east of Nopigia via the national road.

For shops and amenities Kissamos - which is only a 10 minute drive from there - has everything to offer and is open all year round. There are schools, restaurants, shops, post office, bakeries, banks and many more.