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Skines is a Village in Moussouri in Chania in the Crete Region of Greece and it is also a Municipal district.Skines is at an altitude of 112 meters.

Locations near Skines include the Settlement of Chliaro and the Village of Fournes.

The traditional village of Skines, which is only about 14km from the harbour city of Chania with its national airport and daily ferry boat trips to Athens, has a gas station, family tavernas and mini markets equipped with all necessary shopping amenities.

Officially declared one of the villages of the "Network of Martyr Towns and Villages of Greece", Skines was literally burnt to the ground by the Germans during the Nazi Occupation and its male inhabitants were all executed. The village was reborn from its ashes, however, and now it is prosperous again, having a lot to offer both to its residents as well as to its visitors.

The main site in the village is the village square round which there are numerous traditional cafes and taverns where you can enjoy coffee, refreshments or even a delicious meal made of pure, local ingredients. A few metres away you can visit the impressive main Church of the village, dedicated to the Assumption of Christ, celebrated on August 6th. On the Eve and also on the Day of the Feast there are very many visitors coming to the village and there follows a traditional local Feast.

If we follow the road leading away from the village square to the right, after a few meters, we come across the main Church of Christ. As we keep driving along the steep road leading to the mountains on the South East of the village, after a short drive through an incredible route lined by orange trees and olive trees, we reach a level spot which, at an altitude of approximately 400 meters, offers a fantastic view of the Valley as well as the surrounding mountains. This is the site where the National Shooting Range was built and where National or Pan- Cretan Shooting Competitions are often held.

Some meters away, we come to the site called "Golgothas" by the locals where three gigantic marble crosses have been erected in memory and honor of the Crucifixion of Christ. The site is well worth a visit even if it is in order to enjoy the view and the rich aroma of thyme and other specimens of the local flora!