Why Crete...???

Why Crete???

Because not only does Crete offer 300 days of sunshine a year and a well-known Cretan diet, the way of life is stress free and easy going.

The southernmost island in Europe has a lot to offer. Its huge variety of features includes mountain villages, long sandy beaches, rocky bays, beach-bar-boogie & nightlife. There are magnificent mountain ranges, water-sports, tranquil locations and clean seas.

The island offers together with the island of Cyprus the sunniest climate in the continent. There are 62 excellent beaches with the blue flag, which means a special award given by the European Community for clean beaches and excellent water quality. Quality of life in Crete is also characterized by the small percentage of crime. In the wide range of the property market it will be noticed that Crete does not offer big apartment complexes, as well known in Spain, France and Italy.

Crete also has a magic radiance - truly! The light has a supreme quality; the sharp rugged mountains meet openly with clear seas. There is an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna that are unique to the island. Breath in the ever-present scents of wild herbs, taste fresh fruit, the best of the world's olive oil and healthy, delicious cheeses. Enjoy the delight of sipping a Greek coffee at the roadside in a mountain village, the excitement and spillover of weddings and occasions, the history, the people and visitors from all around the world. It is also a historian and archaeologist's paradise.

Crete has a people noted for and conspicuous in their hospitality and tradition of welcoming visitors. The traditions and culture offered in music, art, food and crafts play a large part in this picture. It combines European ways with the uniquely local.


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