Swimming Pools


The price of a standard swimming pool is €1.500 per m2 from 30m2 and above and includes:

• Excavations • A concrete basin • A water filter • Drains • Returns • PVC plastic plumbing connecting all of these elements • Exterior shower • The social security for the workers (IKA) • Electrics and controls • Perimeter overflow grates • Underwater lights • A ladder • A chemical feeder • 2 meters tiling around the pool • the permit • 24% VAT

Since quality is a major issue for a swimming pool, all our standard price pools consist of a tiled interior finish with a choice of tile colors. As standard shapes are considered all the rectangular shapes with maximum depth of 1.5 m (maximum depth to get EOT's license). You have the option to choose if you want your pool to have a shallow and a deep end, to have concrete steps or even a children section. However, our company can design and build all kind of swimming pools at an extra cost.

When your pool is finished and it's ready for you to start enjoying it, our technical team will come and show you how the pool works provide you with operating manuals, the appropriate cleaning equipment and chemical additives.


Concrete pools have the advantage of virtually unlimited shapes, sizes and designs. They are custom-built to your specifications by our pool builders and designers.

Concrete pools are constructed in stages, including pool layout and excavation according to the pools designs; wooden forms installation; plumbing installation; equipment set; poured-concrete or gunite/shotcrete application; tile and coping installation and finally interior finish installation.


Concrete pools can have a variety of interior finishes such as:

• Plaster and paint: This is the cheaper option it but has the shortest lifetime of all the other options.
• Tiles: To finish off the interior of the pool with tiles is an expensive way but it offers an exquisite beauty and timeless durability.
• Mosaic: The most expensive way of finishing off a swimming-pool is to mosaic it. However the wide variety of colors and designs transforms an average pool into a spectacular work of art.

Tiled and mosaic interior finishes are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, architects and designers wishing to set their pools apart from all others.


Swimming-pools can be of rectangular, polygonal, oval or free form shapes. A free form shape swimming-pool is more expensive than a rectangular one due to the construction difficulties of the concrete shape and the internal finish with tiles.

The choice of your pool's design has to suits with the general aesthetic of your house. For example if the swimming-pool is built close to the house then a rectangular shape suits better with the general aesthetic of the building.


Swimming Pool water must fulfill certain chemical requirements and specifications.

In order to properly maintain the lucidity of the water, the electromechanical equipment requirements must be properly addressed, and the proper installation of the water circulation equipment is a must (filters, pumps, and network). In order to guarantee the chemical stability of the water, the guidelines laid out by our company must be strictly adhered to.

A standard swimming pool consists of the following components:

• A concrete basin
• A water filter
• Drains
• Returns
• PVC plastic plumbing connecting all of these elements
• Exterior shower
• Electrics and controls
• Perimeter overflow grates
• Underwater lights
• A ladder
• A chemical feeder


• Layout and excavation of the pool according to the designs of the pools;
• Pouring concrete on the ground
• Installation of metal molds
• Back-filling around molds
• The supply and installation of a membrane 100% waterproof (protected against UV rays), anti-ultraviolet, reinforced with fiberglass (protected against UV) 1.5 mm thick and high resistance to ultraviolet ( DIN 16735).
• Laying of an anti slip marble around the overflow.
• Installation of the equipment, technical connections of the hydraulic system, water filtration and lighting (2 points).
• Filling of the swimming pool

EQUIPMENT: A pump for water recycling of 16 cubic meters per hour, a sand filter of diameter Φ 650 with polyhedron and 200 kilos of sand, two skimmers, five wall nozzles, a hole for the vacuum cleaner, a hole to empty the pool, two 18W 12V LEDs, built steps, an automation and pump control panel, automatic filling and a set of accessories.