The village of Gavalomouri is nestled in the hills just 7km inland from the north coast of Crete and from Tavronitis.

It belongs to the municipality of Voukolies, the village of which is just a few minutes driving further inland. There one can find restaurants, bank, post office, cafes, super market, shops and many more and is open all year round.

Gavalomouri is a very peaceful village with just about 100-120 residents, some of which are foreigners who have moved permanently to this traditional village.

During the summer, Gavalomouri celebrates the feast of the Holy Trinity, a festival which takes place in the courtyard of the church itself and gathers a large number of visitors who will feast from dusk until dawn.

The village is surrounded by a sea of olive groves and enjoys splendid views of the White Mountains.

The village itself doesn't offer any amenities or restaurants but there are many to be found in the nearby villages.

Further up from Gavalomouri is the famous village of Vouves with its 3.500 year old olive tree sitting in the village square.

Chania city center is a 25 minute drive while Chania airport is a 50 minute drive.